Isiolo Gender Watch Serving the community better

Bringing forth the voice of a woman in decision making.


We are on a


To advocate for a progressive and inclusive society where the indigenous community enjoy their rights to justice, peace and development.

Our strategic priorities up to 2024 are:
  • Health Advocacy and Development Program

  • Peace and Conflict Resolution Program

  • Governance & Development Program

  • Gender and Culture

Our Core Values:
  • Transparency and Accountability

  • Inclusivity and Sensitivity

  • Gender Equality

  • Non-Partisan

  • Professionalism

Our Vision:

A society that upholds human dignity


On a mission to empower the society

Our Goal

badge Contribute to Uphold Human Rights of Women, Children, Conflict affected, Mentally Ill, Torture Survivors, and Disadvantaged Communities, Through Promotion of Justice, Mental Health and Community Peace.

badge Creating a Peaceful Society where Indigenous Women Enjoy their Rights to Justice, Health, and Participation in Decision Making Process.

badge Be an interface between the leadership structures and the women, youth and persons with disability in community level in order to make them self-reliant social-economically and enhance political consciousness.


It warms my heart to see all the happy faces we have had the priviledge of transforming their lives. Every year I look forward to helping even more people in the society. It's what keeps the flame going for me.

Grace Lolim, Executive Director

We are an organisation formed in 2013 with the aim of bringing forth the voice of a woman in decision making.

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