As Isiolo Gender Watch, we have found that radio activism has been a powerful tool in our fight against gender-based violence (GBV) in Isiolo County, Kenya. By utilizing Radio Shahidi, we have created a platform that has raised awareness, educated the public, and mobilized the community to take action against GBV.

The impact of our radio activism has been significant, as it has allowed us to reach a wide audience and engage them in meaningful discussions about GBV. Some of the impacts we have observed include:

1. Increased awareness: Our radio programs have helped educate the public about the various forms of GBV, its prevalence, and its devastating effects on individuals, families, and communities. This increased awareness has led to a shift in attitudes and behaviors, contributing to the prevention of GBV.

2. Empowerment of survivors: By providing a platform for survivors to share their stories and experiences, we have helped break the silence surrounding GBV and encouraged others to speak out. This has led to increased reporting of cases and access to support services for survivors.

3. Mobilization of the community: Our radio programs have inspired the community to take action against GBV, whether through supporting survivors, challenging harmful gender norms and stereotypes, or advocating for policy changes at the local and national levels.

4. Collaboration and coordination: By involving panelists from various sectors, such as the County Gender Technical Team, County Gender Desk, County Ministry on Gender, Law Society of Kenya members, activists, security team, and women leaders, we have fostered collaboration and coordination among key stakeholders in the fight against GBV. This has led to more effective interventions and a stronger, more unified response to GBV in Isiolo County.

5. Policy and legal reforms: Our radio activism has helped build public support for policy and legal reforms that better protect the rights of women and girls and hold perpetrators accountable for their actions. This has led to the strengthening of laws and policies related to GBV prevention and response.

To maximize the impact of our radio activism, we have ensured that our programs are well-researched, engaging, and responsive to the needs and concerns of our audience. We have also expanded our reach and impact through social media campaigns, community outreach activities, and partnerships with other organizations working to eliminate GBV in Isiolo County and beyond.

We are an organisation formed in 2013 with the aim of bringing forth the voice of a woman in decision making.

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