This report presents the findings of a baseline survey conducted by Isiolo Gender Watch in 2023 on the status of gender-based violence (GBV) in Isiolo County, Kenya.

The key findings include:

- GBV is widespread in Isiolo County, with common forms being physical violence, sexual violence, harmful traditional practices like FGM and early marriage, and emotional/psychological violence. Women and girls are disproportionately affected.

- Key drivers of GBV include traditional gender roles and stereotypes, cultural acceptance of violence, poverty and economic inequality, low awareness about GBV, weak legal systems, and political factors.

- GBV has severe physical, sexual, mental, social and economic effects on survivors. It also has societal impacts.

- While Kenya has a progressive legal and policy framework to address GBV nationally, implementation gaps remain. At the county level, Isiolo recently launched a Gender Policy in 2022 to mainstream gender and combat GBV. 

- Challenges in eliminating GBV include low awareness of laws, failure to report cases, limited support services for survivors, insufficient resource allocation, and sociocultural barriers.

- The report recommends measures to prevent GBV and support survivors, such as awareness raising, strengthening laws and policies, providing comprehensive services, engaging communities and leaders, economic empowerment of women, and enhanced coordination between stakeholders.

In summary, the report provides an evidence-based analysis of the GBV situation in Isiolo County and proposes a multi-sectoral approach, involving government, civil society, communities and development partners, to eliminate this human rights violation.

Click here to download the report: Baseline Report

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