Isiolo Gender Watch, is a Local NGO, legally registered in the year 2013 and is based and operating in Isiolo County. The organization goal is to bring forth the voice of a woman in decision making and its core mandate is to advocate for a progressive and inclusive society, where the indigenous community enjoy their rights to justice, peace and development.


Since its inception, IGW has developed a strong and robust regional -Northern Kenya outlook built on a foundation of mutual trust and indigenous community-driven development approaches. IGW works through strategic and carefully selected partnerships throughout Isiolo County and neighbourhood Counties. Further, IGW works with closely with the County Government of Isiolo and various National Government departments and agencies in realization of its Mission and Goal. Of recently the organization has attracted funding from various donors notably, FORUM CIV, AWDF, Friends of Lake Turkana (FOLT),and the 7th Generation in support of her programmes activities in Isiolo County.


Isiolo Gender watch is currently implementing the 7th Generation Project in Ngaremara ward, Isiolo County. The Project is funded by 7th Generation. The project seeks to reintegrate the Turkana indigenous teachings, knowledge, language, wisdom, culture, spirit and practices among the Turkana youth and children who are currently faced by contradictory, confusing and in most cases deceptive, immoral and conflicting influences from other cultures, formal norms and foreign religious forces that have slowly been permeating into the indigenous Turkana territory of Ngaremara through migration of other ethnicities, social media, television, internet and insufficient efforts by duty bearers to protect and promote the value and practice of indigenous Turkana Culture.



The purpose of the survey is to collect authentic data /information that will be used as guides and reference for informing community thought processes and life decisions, particularly amongst the youth and children who are currently far removed from Turkana way of life.


a.      Community elders, Youths, and Children’s  views  captured

Documented and shared in form of audio clip and hard copy

b.     Turkana Community Cultural Identity Strengthened

c.      Intergenerational Learning, Tribal Language Revitalization & Communications Boosted.

d.     Community Cohesion Built & Strengthened 

Scope of work

a.      The survey intends to hold one community informative meeting with the local leadership to highlight the 7th Generation project activities and its intention to the community so as to establish legitimacy with the local leadership structures

b.     The task will involve administration of questionnaire(s) to four (4) Focused Groups Discussions (FGDs) groups that’s; Youths, Children, Traditional leaders, and Council of elders in 5 villages of Ngaremara Ward. The five Villages will be randomly selected for interviews during the community informative meeting

c.      The hired Consultant will do data analysis, documentation, publication and preset the final report to IGW for dissemination during IGW community informative meetings and radio talk shows

Who are We Looking for?

We're looking for a consultant who fulfil these Roles & Responsibilities: -

Under the direct guidance and supervision of the Executive Director of IGW and 7TH Generation Programme Officer, the consultants’ mandate will be to:

a)     Assist the organization to conduct a Survey basing on the project outcome and scope of work as described above.

b)    Develop a detailed survey questionnaire that represents Isiolo Gender Watch expectation, intention & aspiration for credible survey findings and recommendations.

c)     Production of the final baseline survey report.

Expected Deliverables /Outputs:

a.      Duly signed contract

b.     Activity  inception report

c.      Outline/schedule of planned activities to be submitted to Programme officer within 3 working days after signing of contract;   

d.     Submit the Final survey report with no more than 15 pages (minus annexes)


The consultant will strictly follow the work plan and the time schedule agreed with IGW

Undertaking the contract assignment:

a) An appropriate approach for respect to people’s culture, traditions ,religion, beliefs/way of life, & human dignity will be widely used by the consultant while conduct the survey

b) Efforts put in place by other people/institutions/organizations in the past on addressing the situation will be useful and should be noted- what has not worked well? What is working well and what needs to be improved?


Duration of the work

The consultant shall perform the service during the month of  May 2023  for a period of 15working days as per the IGW signed contract

Duty Station

Isiolo – Ngaremara Ward

Required expertise and qualifications


- At least a Degree in social science/research and development from a recognized University

-Strong knowledge of development issues in Arid and semi-arid lands

-Ability to encourage and motivate multiple individuals and groups within the community to work collaboratively and enhance inclusivity.

-Previous experience and reference letters from past clients


-Working knowledge of Isiolo County and its ethnic understanding

- Excellent facilitation and probing  skills 

- Have knowledge on research, journalism, gender and development

-Knowledge of local culture and ability to interact with community members directly during the assignment

-3-5 Years working experience with CSOs /NGOs in the locality will be an added advantage

Submission of Application/Expression of Interest (EOI)

Deadline for Submission of offer – no later than Tuesday 2nd May 2023 at 5:00pm EST), to the email address below;

Qualified candidates are requested to submit their application to:    [email protected]   by   Tuesday 2nd May, 2023

A detailed proposal with the following information;

-Summarized CV or profile

-Summary of the process to be followed- understanding of ToR

- Daily fee (inclusive all taxes) and total

Get link to advert here:

We are an organisation formed in 2013 with the aim of bringing forth the voice of a woman in decision making.

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