Isiolo Gender Watch is a registered community-based organisation that seeks to provide plausible, indigenous, women-derived, and thus effective solutions to gender-based human rights violations and challenges primarily those affecting children, young girls, and women in our community. Our vision is a society that promotes and protects gender equality, dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms of indigenous children, young girls, and women (ICYGWs). Our mission is to protect and promote the actualisation of all economic, social, and civil rights and related fundamental freedoms by ICYGWs. While primarily focusing on Isiolo County, our influence in promoting gender equality and human rights has over the years expanded to the national, regional, and international levels through strategic linkages.



Isiolo Gender Watch is implementing a two-year project funded by the African Women Development Fund at the County of Isiolo in Kenya, targeting the elimination of Gender Based Violence in the County. The project acknowledges that while there are numerous initiatives by diverse and numerous stakeholders working in Isiolo County to combat GBV, the practice still remains rampant and concerning. It therefore seeks to build women’s knowledge and agency around their rights especially as related to GBV; root for and support change in perceptions, attitudes and practices that promote GBV; advocate for effective policy implementation to eliminate GBV in Isiolo County; and establish an anti-GBV public multi-stakeholder support movement in Isiolo County.

Cognizant that there are no clear statistics on the form, extent, and status of GBV in Isiolo county and where available, that this data is scarce, in some cases unverifiable, outdated, and conflicting in comparison. This thus presents a challenge to both state and non-state actors in taking up appropriate actions to eliminate GBV in the County. Consequently, the project seeks to undertake a study to establish the form, status, and extent of GBV in Isiolo County, based on evidence-based, disaggregated, updated and verifiable data – for informed decision making by both state and non-state actors working to eliminate GBV in Isiolo County and the wider northern Kenya region at large. 


2.2.1 Main Goal

The Project’s main goal is to combat gender-based violence against women, female youth, and young girls in Isiolo County.

2.2.2 Specific Objective

The project’s specific objectives are:

a.        Reducing the prevalence cases of GBV against indigenous pastoralist women and girls at least by 5% by December 2025 in Isiolo county.

b.        Strengthening Isiolo women’s knowledge and agency on VAW related rights to improve their access to protection and redress mechanisms and institutions.

c.         Creating a dynamic social movement and public support for the elimination of GBV in Isiolo County.


3.1 The Baseline Survey Objective

The overall objective of the Baseline Survey is to provide a clear understanding on the current status of GBV in Isiolo County (disaggregated by evidence-based data on gender and other social-economic and demographic classifications), highlighting of existing challenges in combating GBV, ongoing initiatives by a variety of actors to eliminate GBV in the county and providing recommendations on most effective strategies and measures to do this.

3.2 Specific objectives

More specifically, the Baseline Survey should establish the:

a.        forms of gender-based violence rampant in Isiolo County

b.        disaggregated demographics of the victims and perpetuators of GBV disaggregated in Isiolo County

c.         drivers, catalysts, and enablers of GBV in Isiolo County

d.        effectiveness of existing policy and institutional frameworks in elimination of GBV in Isiolo County

e.        recommendations for state and non-state actors in elimination of GBV in Isiolo County

3.3 Scope of the Survey

3.3.1 Geographical Scope

Geographically, the Survey will focus on Isiolo County

3.3.2 Scope of Work

The consultant(s) will undertake the following activities to inform the Survey:

a.        Conduct a detailed desk review and provide an analysis of key documents including National and County Government Policies, Plans and Programmes on GBV as applicable to Isiolo County

b.        Develop and submit a proposal outlining a comprehensive methodology for undertaking the Baseline Survey, including among others field work, literature review and stakeholder consultation.

c.         Develop data collection instruments for the Baseline Survey;

d.        Conduct Field work;

e.        Collate and analyse the information collected and submit a draft report that will include the basic components of the Survey;

3.3.3 Duration

The duration of the assignment is a maximum of 15 working days.

3.3.4 Methodology 

The selected research Consultant will be required to prepare detailed research methodology which shall apply both quantitative and qualitative data collection methods which clearly highlight gender inclusive approach in developing the methodologies. The baseline should be conducted in a participatory and inclusive manner, drawing input from all key stakeholders.   

3.3.5 Quantitative data collection methods 

The consultant is expected to generate Baseline data at goal, outcome and if applicable, output levels. Possible key respondents, data sources and study samples will initially be determined by project team. However, data collection methods, including full questionnaires are required from the consultant.

3.3.6 Qualitative data collection methods 

Expected key methods will be focus group discussions and key informant interviews with partners and other stakeholders in the target counties. The consultant is free to propose additional methods when and where they deem fit/appropriate. 

3.3.7 Data analysis and interpretation

The consultant is expected to ensure that Primary data and Secondary data analysis process will provide for disaggregated data by gender, age, and relevant criteria necessary as per the project indicators. Draft findings will be presented to the project team and key stakeholders for validation.

3.3.8 Role of IGW

IGW shall offer overall leadership, management, and supervision of the Baseline Survey assignment.

3.4. Expected Deliverables

a.        Inception report detailing the Baseline Survey design, desk review, methodology, tools, budget, and work plan for the conduct of the assignment;

b.        Data collection tools;

c.         Draft Baseline Study;

d.        Final Validated Report (See Annex 1)

3.5. Required Qualifications, Experience and Skills

The Baseline Survey Consultant(s) must demonstrate a minimum of the following requirements;

a.        At least post graduate studies in social sciences, science, economics, finance, or other related fields with preference given to applicants with advanced academic certification in gender-based studies

b.        Over 5 years’ experience in the design, implementation, and review of gender mainstreaming projects and initiatives

c.         Clear and demonstratable understanding of the contextual status of Isiolo County and the northern Kenya region at large

d.        At least five years’ experience in baseline studies

e.        Knowledge and expertise in participatory development methodologies.

f.          Excellent communication skills.


4.1. Openness

All interested and qualified entities (including individuals, partnerships, companies, and other organisations) shall be eligible to bid for this assignment.

4.2. Submission of Bids/Expressions of Interest (EoIs)

a.        Interested Bidders shall submit a Technical Bid outlining their understanding and conceptualisation of the assignment and detailed proposed methodology for carrying out the survey (See Annex 2)

b.        In addition, a detailed Financial Bid shall be submitted detailing the projected professional fees and all logistics costs for carrying out the assignment (See Annex 3)

c.         Technical and Financial Bids shall be sent to: [email protected] with the Email Subject denoted as IGW-AWDF PROJECT:

BASELINE SURVEY BID and addressed to

Executive Director

Isiolo Gender Watch

P.O. Box 530-60300

Isiolo - Kenya

d.        The Bidder shall bear all costs associated with the preparation and submission of its bid, and IGW shall in no case be responsible or liable for those costs.

e.        The bid offer shall need to be valid up to 45 days after the deadline for submission of bids.

f.          Bids that do not conform to these requirements shall not be accepted.

g.        Enquiries for clarifications should be sent by e-mail to [email protected]

4.3. Deadline for Submission of Bids

The bids shall be delivered to the provided address not later than 09th June 2023 at 5.00 p.m. Any bid received by IGW after this deadline will be rejected.

We are an organisation formed in 2013 with the aim of bringing forth the voice of a woman in decision making.

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